Ymese Recruitment



We are looking for:

What's the hiring process?



Our recruitment team shortlists outstanding profiles and applications #CoverLetter


Screening Test

A short technical test is sent to shortlisted candidates


Technical Interview

Qualified candidates will get a technical interview at our office #LogicTest




Welcome to Ymese Family! Let's make a lot of good memories together! #FormalOffer


Trial Period

Trial Period

A trial period of 3-5 days gives us the opportunity to see what it’s like working together #CultureFit


Personal Discussion

Personal Discussion

Show us your preferences via an informal discussion at our pantry or coffee shop #PersonalityTest #ReferenceCheck


How to pass the interviews

You will pass the interview as long as you can "check" 2 out of these 3 items - ideally all 3:

  • Possess better technical skill than the interviewer
  • Have an awesome attitude
  • Show great character 


A strong foundation and knowledge at a particular skill and area are required. You must be on top of your field or at least have the potential to become so. 

We hire you to tell us what to do and not the other way around.

Otherwise, please apply for internships.


This is simply a must. You can't go far without a great attitude.

All Ymesers are required to have a "do-or-die" and winning mentality. "Impossible" doesn't exist in our vocabulary.


They say "you're weird"? You feel you're different. They say "you're too blunt"? You feel they're too weak.

Ymese welcomes & respects differences. Demonstrate your character!

7 tips for the candidates during our recruitment process

1. Get ready

Get yourself ready for the interview invitation and the opportunity to work together. You can never be too prepared. We can't wait to see you at Ymese.

2. Arrive early

At Ymese, being on time is considered late.

And there is simply no excuse for showing up late for your interviews. It shows you’re not professional nor serious.

Will you ever be late for your wedding? We hope not.

3. Be honest

Honesty helps everyone understand each other more.

Tell us what you know (or don’t know) sincerely. Don’t try to over-impress. We don’t have “trick” questions.

Your honesty is shown clearly not only through your answers but also through how you answer them.

4. Show your hunger

Tell us why you will succeed here.

You're in a huge debt? You want to buy a supercar or a beautiful house? Or you just want to help others and make a difference?

Whatever the reason is, show us what matters deep down to you.

Burn the boat. And you will succeed!

5. Demonstrate your hands-on experience

An MBA, an IELTS certificate or 5 years working in a big company proves nothing if you don’t have real-life experience.

A strong portfolio champions a master (degree) or an X number of years working experience any day.

6. Don't forget to talk about your hobbies

Having a hobby is a huge plus for you during the interview process. It shows us you care about something, which is a prerequisite if you want to have a great career (and make good money).

If you ain’t passionate about anything in life, it’s likely you won’t be passionate about your job either.

So what are you doing in your free time?

7. Keep a good track record

Above all, keep a good track record of your working experience.

Your past records tell us something - actually a lot about you. And guess what? It’s usually correct.

You’re changing jobs every few months? You give up on your previous jobs because they're too “difficult”? Your previous bosses were too "terrible" to work with? 

We guess you’ll likely face the same "problems" and take the same actions, i.e. quit, here. 

Think carefully before making any decisions in your career. Otherwise, your CV won’t pass the shortlisting process.