Build to Last

Everyone is a builder!

We build houses, products, relationships, careers, and ultimately our lives.

We build every day. Even at this very moment, we’re building something right now. Every thought we have; every decision we make; every action we take, is part of the building process.

Questions to ponder

You’re indeed a builder whether you realize it or not. The questions are:

  • Are you building good seeds for your future?
  • Are you building thoughtfully upon the right principles and values? Or are you building emotionally and driven by short-term results?
  • As you live your life, are you building to last? Or will your building collapse when facing challenges and difficulties? 

A smart builder not only wants to build something great but also makes it permanent.

He’s not looking for shortcuts or quick-fixes. He builds to last. He’s hard-working, patient, and persistent. He’s also teachable and adaptable to changes.

Most importantly, he listens. He thinks before he acts. He foresees potential pitfalls, and yet, he also thinks truth. He anticipates success!

The tests of life

There will be strong winds, heavy rains, and violent storms. They’re tests of life.

These tests will come in various forms such as illness, rejections, and failures. They will come upon us unexpectedly – so fast, so suddenly like a thief in the night, when we least expect them. 

They’re meant to test our brain, character, and courage that we’ve built in the last 20, 30, or 50 years. 

That’s why we must build to last.

Quite simply, tough times don’t last; tough people do!