Ymese is committed to creating as many values and meaningful relationships as possible during its growth & development.


Create as many values as possible to our People, Customers, Partners, and Society.

Accept and will overcome any challenges, difficulties that present to us.


Create a meaningful relationship with mutual respect.

Alright. So what does that all mean?

A Commitment to Our People

Ymese is simply a group of people with the same mission and passion. That’s why our People are undoubtedly the most important asset of the Ymese.

Ymese is committed to creating a dynamic, challenging & fair working environment for all our employees who can then learn and develop themselves to their maximum potentials.

We value freedom, and so, will empower our people to do likewise.

Ymesers! Your dreams are nurtured; your voices are always heard at Ymese!

Together, we are a family.

A Commitment to You

Ymese simply cannot exist without you – our beloved and loyal customers.

Ymese is committed to developing the best possible products that add massive Values to your business and life.

The quality of our support is as important as our products. Ymese is committed to serving and treating you the way we would want to be treated with understanding and respect.

It’s a pleasure to have and serve you.

A Commitment to Society

Ymese is committed to building world-class products that bring respect and pride to the Country – increasing our country position in the world stage.

We’re committed to creating as many job opportunities as possible for the young and local people.

Together, Ymese is committed to becoming the symbol of the Vietnamese dreams.

We’re practicing to give back and committed to giving back even more as we continue growing.

A Commitment to the Future

If it’s not us who are going to create values and relationships to others, then who else?

But we don’t just stop there.

Ymese builds to last, and so, will commit to developing a stable and long-lasting culture and products that keep adding values as well as building meaningful relationships with our People, Partners, and Customers.