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We're Young - VIETNAMESE

We're dream builders

Every single one of us wants to learn something new, to do something special, and to make a difference in life. But why aren't we doing it?

At Ymese, we nurture these dreams & build products from the ground up that make life easier.

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We are the team behind some top WordPress extensions, e.g. PPWP and PDA. Up to now, we’ve proudly served more than 45,000 customers from pole to pole.


Specializing in video marketing, brand promotion, social content, and online marketing, we're helping businesses in Da Nang grow their brand and social media presence.


Capture everyday moments and share inspirational stories about all aspects of life, including education, culture, and history with Ymese TV.

What sets Ymese apart?

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People First

At Ymese, people are our greatest assets. We understand and respect our team members’ differences. We ensure each Ymeser feels appreciated and valued even for the tiniest contributions.

Flexibility, freedom, and fun

Flexible working hours, no formal dress codes, free munchies, healthy cooked lunch and much more coming your way! You have freedom to manage your own work. Aren't these already enough to excite you?

Giving Back

Ymese is committed to creating as many job opportunities as possible for the locals. The more we grow, the more we feel responsible for making the world a better place. We believe giving back is rewarding in more ways than one.

Nuturing environment

We're dedicated to creating a friendly & dynamic working environment. All Ymesers are encouraged to be curious and grow to their full potential. Facing any difficulties? Our team members are always there to give you a hand.

Competitive salary

At Ymese, you get what you deserve as long as you keep up your performance consistently. You don’t just receive a fixed monthly salary. We make the game more fun and competitive by offering a bunch of special bonuses.

Y for Yes & Young

Yes, each Ymeser serves as a living example of “We only live once.” We nurture the spirit of youth in our daily lives. We work hard and play to the fullest. Young VietnaMESE - Young at age and Young at heart, always says Yes to opportunities.

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Please feel free to call or drop us a line should you have any questions and enquiries.

66 Ngô Thế Lân, TP. Đà Nẵng

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +84 989 0505 19