Hire For Performance

Will a college or even master degree outweigh multiple years of working experience? The question is left unanswered. In fact, there’s no cut and dried response to this argument. It depends on a lot of factors, e.g. the positions you’re applying to & the industry you’re in. So what do you need to join a startup company?

At Ymese, we do not lay much emphasis on neither your credentials nor your work experience. In other words, an MBA, an IELTS certificate or 5 years working in a reputable company proves nothing to a startup like us. A passionate heart and a winning mentality will do.

Certificates, or Just the Labels 

When you are at the interview and your CV shows a long list of education history and a specialist certificate, you might think that you have already distinguished yourself against other candidates. However, you cannot understand why the employer refused to take you in immediately as expected. 

The more you think about it, the more you’ll learn that the global mindset has changed dramatically. Open-minded people do not take those “labels” that you’ve tried so hard to obtain anymore, seriously. In fact, trying to get more labels in order to polish your resume will just end up a waste of time and effort. 

Decide What Defines You

If you are curious and google “successful people who never graduated college,” you are going to be surprised with all the familiar names on that long list. Besides, there are still a lot of more successful people who did so well at colleges and even got their master’s or Ph.D. degrees. So it isn’t right to define someone’s ability by the certificates or years of experience they’ve earned. 

Of course, your knowledge and achievement do tell something about your competence. A reputable institution where you graduated from will also show your potential to the employers. But that’s just not everything to persuade someone that you’re the best candidate for the vacancy. 

Unless you are able to demonstrate real-life experience based on what you’ve learned from school, those certificates are nothing more than solely colorful papers. They are undeniably stunning yet have no value to an organization that’s looking for a high ability teammate, or someone with the potential to become so.  

Hire for Performance

It’s wonderful that you have multiple years of working experience in a large firm, no one is going to deny that. But if you’re looking for a job, you would make yourself more attractive to the employers by highlighting your ability, instead of your experience. 

Young firms have started looking for ability over credentials in making their hiring decisions. We don’t care if you’re a fresher from college, a junior or senior in your previous occupation. What we truly care about is your true capabilities. We want to make sure that we do not miss out on people with incredible potential. 

We Want You!

If we keep looking for talents in the same place as we always do, we’re going to get the same results we always have, the same people with the same character. That’s why we do not emphasize our hiring on your work experience and certificates. 

The actual rate of people who work in a job that is related to their college major is significantly low. In fact, almost everyone is doing something they have never done before. At Ymese, we do know that our company will benefit a whole lot more from a diverse team with different characteristics and backgrounds. 

We leave the door open for everyone who could be amazing. Your certificates and work experience do not equate one’s competence and ability. They can never be the same thing anyway.