Don’t follow your passion!

Don’t follow your passion.

Do NOT follow your passion.

Let me say it again. Do. Not. Follow. Your passion.

I bet you’ve heard this multiple times:

“You’ve got to find your passion. Do what you love.
If you follow your passion, you won’t have to work a day in your life!”


Not really.

When you first start your career, “follow your passion” is probably the worst piece of advice you’ve ever got.

Passion, probably like love, is not what you can “find”, let alone, to follow.

If you believe passion is some magic button, person or place that you can actually find, you would spend your entire life chasing it – looking for things that might not exist.

You will get lost, confused, and overwhelmed.

“What should I choose – this job or another!??”

“Is this what I was born to do!??”

“What my passion actually is!??”

“Follow your passion”-kind-of advice sounds good theoretically.

In reality, you wouldn’t be able to find one at first. “Follow your passion” (if you can) means doing what’s easy and more comfortable for you. Your “passion” (if any) probably won’t make you money or earn you a living either.

So if you shouldn’t follow your passion, what should you do instead?

Stay tuned for the next article.