7 Ways to Build a Winning Mindset

Success is not an action or destination. Brian Tracy says it’s a “way of life.” If you want to achieve great things, you must convey greatness in everything you do. Simply put, the way you do anything is the way you do everything. So no matter what you want to accomplish, the ladder to success must begin with a winning mindset.

  1. Believe it’s possible
  2. Take actions. Start small
  3. Train like a champion
  4. Play to win
  5. Give yourself credit
  6. Master self-talks
  7. Overcome setbacks

1. Believe it’s possible

Most people approach life thinking: “I was not born to do this. It’s not possible. I don’t believe it … until I can see it.”

Those are thoughts of people with a small and fixed mindset. Imagine what would the world become if everyone adopts the same thinking?

We’d have no cars, no planes, no computer, no Internet, no mobile phones. We’d never attempt to break records, to explore places, to go to the moon.

Nothing can be achieved until first it’s believed.

If you want to do something great with your life, you’ve got to believe it’s possible. If fact, you have to believe it so much that you can see it, feel it as it’s already happened.

Everything will just be an idea until you choose to believe it’s possible.

Believe in yourself. Believe it’s possible.

2. Start small – take immediate actions

Dreams and beliefs without action lead to delusion. Without actions, these dreams will fill your life with a load of negative thinking and emotions.

Complacency & fear are the most common factors that keep you where you are right now. The best way to overcome that is by taking action – immediate and massive action.

Take one step forward every day. Do anything you can today even if it means you have to start small.

Do a push-up; read 1 page; write a paragraph daily so that you’re aways further than you were the day before.

Those small improvements will add up, eventually.

4. Play to win – anticipate success

It’s sad but true that most people don’t play to “win”. They’d rather play not to lose.

Do not join the average. Do not follow the mass.

“If you want first place, come play with me. If you want second place, go somewhere else.”

Kobe Bryant

To be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.

Anticipate success. And succeed!

3. Train like a champion

Have a strong work ethic. No one has ever succeeded without one.

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it”

Thomas Jefferson

Work overtime to learn new techniques. Put in extra hours to perfect a move.

Regardless of what happens, stay positive and trains like a champion.

5. Give yourself credit

When you’re starting to improve, it’s important to give yourself credit.

Most people don’t realize how far they’ve come. In fact, many give up when they’re meters away from the destination.

Collect and review your success stories. Practice feeling proud of your own achievements. Use those as motivation and reminder of how far you’ve come and how far you’ve left to go.

More importantly, self-appreciation focuses your minds on what we do have, rather than what we don’t have. A growth mindset and gratitude are critical to your journey to greatness.

Feeling proud is different from feeling content. Let your pride motivate you to keep improving and not to stop you from moving forward.

6. Master self-talks

The stories you tell yourself about yourself determine how you perceive your own world, and ultimately, your future.

There are always ups and downs. Everyone has negative thoughts or moody moments every now and then. The winners, however, handle those negative self-talks better than everyone else.

Be aware of your internal thoughts. Then acknowledge them. Imagine what’s the worst thing that could happen.

You’ll see it’s not as scary as it sounds.

Surround yourself with positivity while keeping a distance from negative people who’d always love to complain and criticize helps master your internal thoughts.

7. Overcome setbacks

No one can win every single time. Even the champions fail once in a while.

The difference between a winner and the rest is how they handle failures.

Sure, failure hurts. It’s painful as well.

But winners don’t take those setbacks personally. They take the opportunity to reflect and explore other solutions.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

The winners understand that, and so, think truth, train hard, and bounce back pretty quickly.

So are you adopting a winning mindset yet?